TC 360 Gives a New Perspective to Homecoming

Timber Creek Television is adding a magical view to this year’s Homecoming festivities with a new 360-degree view for some of the biggest moments of the week.

TCTV has been testing their 360-degree video and still recording system for the past week and it’s ready to put Timber Creek students directly in the action of the Homecoming Parade, Pep Rally, and other festivities.

“We’re always looking to try something new,” TCTV advisor Greg Janda said. “This year, we had a big concept to give students the feeling of actually being in the center of some of the biggest events happening at school. Homecoming is one of those big events, for sure.”

The unique view starts with a free livestream through YouTube’s 360 viewer for the 2017 Homecoming Parade. Viewers will be able to use their computers or mobile phones to control what they’re looking at — the floats, the crowd and views of the school. The stream will not require any special equipment for the standard experience, but headsets that can support YouTube’s VR (like Google Cardboard) will be able to feel like they’re in the middle of the parade.

The link to the parade will be shared on TCHS social media accounts and available to all subscribers of the TCTV YouTube Channel.

Additionally, various activities during Homecoming week will be filmed in 360 photos or videos, including the Oct. 13 Pep Rally (which will be available as a livestream — just not in 360) and elements of the football game on Friday night.

But before all that happens, check out the sample TC 360 content in the following playlist to see what’s in store:

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