Spreading Joy With Fourth Annual Special Needs Mum Delivery

With homecoming just around the corner, Timber Creek mother DeLana Barsanti has been working hard to ensure the success of the Fourth Annual Special Needs Mum Delivery, which took place during fifth period on Thursday, Oct. 12. 

This tradition of kindness was first brought to life in 2014, when Barsanti decided to not only make garters for her own sons who attended Timber Creek, but also the entire Life Skills department. The students’ faces absolutely shone with excitement as they received the heart-warming gifts, so the tradition simply had to continue.

This is the last year that Barsanti’s son Colin will be attending Timber Creek, so this mum delivery was especially meaningful to Barsanti. She orchestrated a gathering at the Villages of Woodland Springs Amenity Center on Monday, Oct. 9 to complete the signature homecoming accessories, accompanied by a multitude of TC Cheer students, Falcon Friends members and affiliates of the Parent Teacher Student Association. Together, the twenty or so volunteers designed and constructed all the mums and garters that were needed, each one finished with a splash of creativity and individuality. 

“We finished everything we needed to. My work now is minimal thanks to everyone who showed up to help,” Barsanti said at the end of the mum-making session, thankful for the success of the meeting and looking forward to handing out the mums.

When fourth period rolled to an end on Thursday, everyone who took part in this project grew more and more excited. The air was filled with an aura of kindness and compassion as they rolled the cart of mums and garters into each classroom. The looks on the students’ faces were brighter than ever as a mum was placed around their necks or a garter over their arms. School spirit filled each classroom, mingling with the joy shared by students and teachers alike as cheerleaders handed out the mums, beyond glad to have such an opportunity. Yearbook and Talon photographers snapped dozens of photos, capturing the moments that would live on forever in the hearts of those who received mums that day. Looking around, one couldn’t help but feel uplifted by the incredible scene playing out.

“That was good. That went really well,” said Mandy Ramsey, Barsanti’s neighbor, as the deliveries drew to a close. All other participants nodded in agreement, content with the successful turnout of the Special Needs Mum Delivery, a project that guarantees the inclusion of every single student in this week’s Homecoming celebrations. The tradition imagined by Barsanti four years ago has blossomed into a flower and will continue to grow into a garden that shines a light into the lives of every person who may participate in future mum deliveries.

Tabitha Tomlinson

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Tabitha is a senior who absolutely loves writing for the Talon. While she spends most of her time watching Netflix, she also enjoys writing, spending time with friends and family, and helping others. She adores coffee, pizza, and puppies.

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