Seventeen Students Awarded With Exceptional Attendance

School is physically and mentally taxing, and everybody has those days where they feel like it would be hard to attend. But on those days, students should remind themselves school has its benefits beyond the walls of the classroom.

Timber Creek is once again rewarding students with near perfect, or perfect attendance. Rewards are ranged from Falcon VIP event passes, to free prom tickets later in the year.

“Drawings will be held every six weeks. Students are entered [into the] drawing several times, depending on their attendance,” Assistant Principal, Michelle Somerhalder said. “If a student is absent twice for the six weeks, their name goes in the drawing once. One absence; the student’s name goes in the drawing three times. And if the student has perfect attendance for the six weeks, then their name goes in the drawing five times.”

Students will have the opportunity to win the drawing multiple times a year, so it would be beneficial to have stellar attendance.

“Be here everyday to ensure that we are intentionally pursuing ‘Destination’ status,” said Principal, Donnie Bartlett.

There will also be opportunities to receive early release to lunch on campus during their lunch period.

“Students will have the opportunity leave class twice, 20 minutes early to go to on campus lunch,” said Bartlett.

Students for the first six weeks have done a fabulous job with attendance. Here are those that have received their reward for doing so.

Free Lunch with Administrators on Monday, Oct. 23 –

  1. Xavier Bailey – 10
  2. Nekiaya Sims – 12
  3. Daniel Yglesias – 12
  4. Andre Averion – 10
  5. Satya Kabirpanthi – 11
  6. Emma Love – 12
  7. Spencer Hayes – 10
  8. Samuel Holsomback – 12
  9. Jackson Davidson – 9
  10. Audrey Weight – 11

Falcon VIP Campus Wide Event Passes –

  1. Nathan Gajary – 10
  2. Daniel Duhon – 12
  3. Kayley Huber – 10

One Free Item from The Daily Grind –

  1. Delaney Elless – 12
  2. Sarah Scherger – 12
  3. Jayne Margason – 11

Sideline Pass –

9/29 – Ridge – Lauren Quattlebaum – 10

Congratulations to these students for your exceptional attendance.

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