After skating to the playoffs last year, the Keller ISD Hockey team has begun their 2017-18 campaign with even greater goals in mind as they start the new season with numerous victories.

A heated opening night game between Keller Varsity Gold and Frisco, the 2016-17 first place National Championship team, resulted in Keller’s victory during an epic shoot-out. After a shortened overtime period, the two opposing teams remained neck and neck. The final score was called when Keller VG player Joseph Trazzera fired the winning puck into the net during the third round of the shoot-out, defeating Frisco by a score of 5-4.

On Sunday Sept. 24, the Varsity Bronze players teamed up against Lovejoy. After an especially intense first period, Keller won with a final score of 6-2. Junior varsity has played two games, one against Birdsville ending in a win and the other game being matched up against Mansfield ending in a loss.

The next Keller Varsity Gold game is scheduled for 8:45 p.m. on Oct. 5 at the McKinney Dr. Pepper Starcenter, however the full 2017-18 schedule is available here.

Having made it to playoffs last year, the three tiers of Keller ISD Hockey are looking toward the upcoming season with a bright attitude, expecting to see even more victories as they continue fighting their way to the top.

One thought on “KISD Hockey Skating Toward Success”

  1. Just so everyone knows, the Keller ISD Hockey Team is made up of players from all 4 Keller ISD High Schools. If you go to Timber Creek and want to play high school hockey, this is the team you would play for.

    In my experience, there is some confusion about the team name and the colors of the logo and if this team is indeed the Timber Creek High School hockey team. It is! So please come out and support the team. They’re pretty awesome and hockey is an equally awesome sport!

    On a side note, CONGRATS to the KISD Varsity Gold Team for defeating Frisco, the first ever team from Texas to win a National Championship. Way to go!

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