Homecoming Week in the Life of: Cheer

One of the busiest times of the year, the celebration of the school’s hard work, or what the students and staff have know better as Homecoming. Many of the school organizations are invested in making homecoming an enjoyable experience and one of those groups is the Timber Creek Cheer.

“Homecoming is a stressful time of the year for everyone,” said sophomore cheerleader, Parker Thompson, “but we have an amazing team and amazing parents and coaches that make it run so smoothly.”

Parents of the cheer team were up at the school on the weekends — sometimes til 2 a.m. — decorating the cafeteria, making the decorations, and at lunches making sure that everyone could go to homecoming. The cheer parents came on Monday and the day of homecoming to set up the larger decorations. Their hard work paid off as the tickets to the dance were in high demand and sold out within the first week of sales.

“Without [the parents] hard work, homecoming would’ve been a lot harder and a lot more stressful,” said Thompson.

Most of the work was done the week before homecoming. The cheer team came in on the Saturday before the week started and began the arduous task of setting up the decorations.

The actual date of Homecoming, Oct. 13, was one of the busiest. Not only did the cheerleaders come fully in their uniforms before the first bell to be featured on the KRLD radio show, but later helped hype up the school and TC football fans at the massive pep rally and football game.

“Friday was probably the most stressful day,” said Thompson, “though everyone was trying to make sure everything was in line for homecoming.”

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