Take a look at these highlights from the 2017 Homecoming Parade. Photos from The Creek Yearbook and Video from Timber Creek Television.

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4 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: 2017 Homecoming Parade

  1. Sad to see that the rodeo team isn’t in the video and only has two photos out of all of them. One is a single person and the other a dark photo where you can’t see much. Their team has plenty of people just like other clubs and sports. They are an amazing group of kids.

  2. We’re sorry you were disappointed in the rodeo team’s coverage during the Homecoming Parade. We will forward your feedback to the students taking photos, shooting video and covering stories on the Talon. If you have further feedback, please e-mail greg.janda@kellerisd.net.

  3. ESL group didn’t make the cut for these pictures/highlights?
    And one of the largest groups only got one tiny picture in these highlights? The soccer team.
    What about the GSA group?
    Sorry, but seems a bit suspicious…

  4. We’ll address this in reverse order:
    There were never any discussions by Yearbook, TCTV, Talon or any other student media reporters to exclude any group from coverage. In fact, we had a larger amount of students taking pictures and video than we ever have before. The process of event photos works like this: Yearbook photographers volunteer or are assigned to go cover a story. They attend and take whatever pictures they’d like. When they return to the classrooms, they select photos that they think are good enough quality and create a smaller, watermarked image for use on the web. When Talon editors access the Web photos from Yearbook, they credit the photographer and upload the photos to the site. Groups like GSA and ESL were not, by design or decision, excluded. If there are no photos of a group in the gallery, there were none marked to be uploaded.

    In your question about the soccer team, we’d remind everyone that these images in the collage version are only thumbnails. You can click on any image to make it larger. Every photo is cropped to the same size within the website.

    Finally, we’d ask any commenters to consider that our goal with Timber Creek Student Media is to highlight the great activities here at Timber Creek and that the Homecoming Parade was only one of many elements we cover throughout the year. We want all students, parents, community members and readers even from far away that this student-produced content is a learning process for all involved, not a professional product. We value your feedback and will pass it on so we can make certain the needs of all groups and viewers are met.

    Thanks for reading — Greg Janda, Student Media Advisor.

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