Golf Travels to Abilene on Oct. 6

On Friday, Oct. 6, the golf team will be attending a two-day tournament at the Diamondback Golf Course in Abilene.

Coach Russell Fuqua has been preparing the team for this tournament since the first week of school, and they’ve been practicing at the Iron Horse Golf Course.

“This tournament will give us a chance to get some experience in tournaments”, Fuqua said.

There will be a total of 125 students from 23 different campuses attending.

If any students wish to be a part of the golf team, they need to participate in any of three solo tournaments in the summer just to be to be eligible. To actually make the team, students need to participate in five. Tryouts are held each year, and golf is a year-round sport. Please see Coach Fuqua in room M115 for more information.

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