With the team 3-1 in their district, Timber Creek Tennis looks to have a strong rest of their season. Making playoffs for the first time in the school’s history, it is also the first year that the team has ever won three perfect dual matches. For Coach Roger Thomas, the team shows exceptional skill, not only supporting one another on the court, but off as well.

We have a young team (only 5 seniors), with great team spirit,” said Thomas.We are paired with district 4-6A and have already played Lamar, Martin, and Paschal, three potential opponents. Although we lost those three matches, they were very close, and we were missing some top players. I know that the kids will compete well against any opponent. All of [them] have risen to the occasion and pulled out the wins.”

Paired with district 4-6A and having already played against Lamar, Martin and Paschal High Schools, the team has learned how to adapt to the competition. Having varsity practice fifth period on schools days during the heat of the day while other schools typically play during first period, the athletes have learned to adjust to almost anything.

“The kids are used to playing during the hottest time of the day [and practiced since the beginning of August],” Thomas said. “We have seen some players cramp up because they are not used to the afternoon playing conditions. We have [also] played more dual matches than in previous years. Playing a variety of teams has paid off in district play. We go into every match believing that we will compete and win.”

Playoffs will start Oct. 16 for the team, as the tennis players look to make school history in their first year ever competing in playoffs.

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