Vote for the August Timber Creek Teacher of the Month! Read the nominees below and why their departments nominated them. Use the form at the bottom to cast your vote.

ELAR:  Sammy Max
I would like to nominate Sammy Max.  Sammy works hard to create engaging and meaningful activities that connect the stories read in class to real life.  Her goal is to not only teach her students English skills, but also to be better people, so she is constantly including character building activities into her lessons.  Students enjoy coming to her class because she is positive and gives them the tools they need to be successful. If you haven’t read the Talon’s article on her latest assignment, please do so!

MATH: Stacey Cleveland
What can I say. She loves being a teacher and helping students and co-workers alike.  She is a person who gets things done with quality and reliability!

SS: Dan Comiskey
I would like to nominate Dan Comsikey for the Teacher of the Month. Dan is a passionate teacher who continues to strive to make himself and his students better. This was made evident last summer when his students recorded a 92% passing rate percentage on the Macro-Economics Advanced Placement exam. This is one of the most difficult AP exams, and Mr. Comiskey not only had an extraordinary passing rate, but he also had more the twice the amount of students take the exam than any other school in our district. Mr. Comiskey’s spent this past summer taking another college economics course in preparation to teach a new AP Micro-Economics course being offered here at TCHS this fall. Dan’s commitment to education and excellence can serve as an example to us all here at Timber Creek.

SCIENCE:  Charissa Lowe
I would like to nominate Charissa Lowe for TOM. Charissa is the IST for the science department. Charissa has an unbelievable way with our students, especially the ones who struggle. She is a counselor, an encourager and a trusted source of help for both students and teachers. She works non-stop to make sure that students are ready and able to pass the Biology STAAR/EOC test.

WL: Connie Stucker
The World Languages Department nominates Connie Stucker as August’s Teacher of the Month.  Connie has had a fantastic start to her ninth year of teaching.  She has embraced the department’s goal of 100% target language.  She is truly showing her students deaf culture by not using spoken English in her completely silent American Sign Language classes.  After the first couple of weeks, many students did not know she is able to speak.  She is also a huge help to her colleagues, especially her new ASL teammate.  She goes above and beyond to help colleagues even though she needs all her extra time to find great pictures and rest after signing all day because a 100% target language class does not just create itself.  Ms. Stucker, your students are blessed to have you.  Keep up the great work, and keep signing!  No English!!

SpED: Mark Osmus
Mark Osmus (Coach O) finds creative ways to reach all of his students.  He teaches students at a variety of levels and finds ways to bond with each student.  Coach O even moved his classroom to a kitchen area this year so that his students could practice cooking during class.  We are glad he is on our team.

CTE:  Tracy Krueger
I would like to nominate Tracy Krueger for CTE Teacher of the Month. Tracy is an awesome CTE teacher! She teaches Child Guidance, Child Development, Mental Health and Counseling, as well as Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness. Though her course load is heavy in preps, she consistently maintains a positive attitude and perseveres through any challenge encountered. She is known for putting her students’ best interests first, spending countless hours preparing for her classes and implementing new ways to reach her students. She is also willing to help anyone who needs anything whether it is a student, teacher, custodian, or administrator. Tracy Krueger is a fabulous member of our Falcon Family!


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