Falcon Alum Jeremiah Miller To Be Featured On “The Voice”

As students leave Timber Creek High School, everything they had imagined their future would be starts to become a reality. This is what happened for Class of 2017’s Jeremiah Miller.

Miller was apart of the choir and wrestling team here at Timber Creek and often sang the National Anthem at wrestling tournaments or duals.

“[Coach Roark] always had me singing national anthems everywhere we went for wrestling tournaments and duals,” said Miller.

He further explained how the wrestling team had always supported his singing and encouraged him to do something great with it. The only problem was that Miller had a big wrestling tournament he would have to miss if he auditioned. Due to the wrestling teams constant support, Miller was able to go audition and miss out on the tournament.

“I decided to take a leap of faith and go with my gut. So we went out to Chicago and I tried out. One audition led to another, and another, and then to the blind auditions. It was a dream come true. Something I never expected,” said Miller.

To be able to be on the show, Miller had to go through multiple rigorous auditions processes and having made it though to blind auditions is an accomplishment in itself. Miller’s sister and current Timber Creek student, Jude Miller, was in attendance when Miller was auditioning in Chicago.

“When he was auditioning all of the emotions were real. It felt surreal and like it wasn’t actually happening,” said Jude Miller.

Once Jeremiah Miller graduated the future was unknown to him. However, with this opportunity he now has more certainty of what the future holds. On Monday, Sept. 25, at 7 p.m. Miller will be featured on the NBC show The Voice.

“I would tell young artists at Timber Creek or in the Fort Worth area to find the true passion that they have in their hearts,” explained Miller. “The one they know that God has placed inside of them. The one that makes them happy.”

Paige Greene

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Paige is a senior, plays marimba in the drumline and is broadcast managing editor of TCTV. She is almost always thinking about Whataburger.

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