Educators Find Success in Decor and Details

Walking into a blandly decorated classroom on the first day of school can be quite intimidating, but walking into a friendly, colorfully decorated environment is another story. Here at Timber Creek, teachers take pride in their classrooms and the decorations they hang.

New English II teacher Jamie Bird has decorated her room with coffee tables, high tables and bookshelves to resemble a cafe. The setting can produce a calm and comfortable atmosphere that students are able to enjoy learning in.

“After I had started pulling all my ideas together, it started to resemble a coffee shop or living room and that was the inspiration for my classroom,” Bird said.

Some people believe that decorating a classroom with extravagant decorations can be distracting to students, but Bird believes that as long as its calm and “things aren’t just thrown together,” it won’t be distracting and can actually become conversation points

“[The decorations] definitely helps the environment of the classroom and gets the students to talk to each other,” Bird explained.

While some teachers like Bird use extravagant decorations and furniture, the smallest decorations can make the biggest impact on the students.

Physics teacher Karen Bates-Scull has Christmas lights wrapped around her room with little skulls hanging on the walls as a play on words in regards of Scull’s last name.

“The lights make me happy. It just makes me happy to be in my room,” explained Scull. “I think my classroom does effect the learning environment. The room is relaxing, it isn’t stressful, and it puts students in a peaceful sort of mind.”

Classrooms not only affect how the students learn, but their state of mind. English III Teacher and Athletic Coach Catherine Reeves explains how students that are in a peaceful state of mine are more capable of learning. “I want [my students] to be relaxed, happy and inspired because I think a relaxed, happy and inspired student is a student that is capable of learning more.”

Reeves has filled her room with Timber Creek and inspirational decorations, such as motivational posters and magnets. Additionally, her room is embellished with snowmen and winter decor year round.

“I think [the decorations] make me a little more approachable,” explained Reeves. “The AP English language can be daunting and a little intimidating to some of the students and I think a teacher that has snowmen in her room is a little more human.”

Many students, such as junior Maddison Rudd, do notice and appreciate the environment set up in the classrooms.

“The decorations of a classroom make the environment more fun to be in,” Rudd explained. “I would rather have fun decorations and posters than stare at blank walls all day.”

Teachers here at Timber Creek spend time making sure their classrooms are the best learning environment for their students. By putting time and thought into what they decorate, they ensure the best education and environment for their students.

“I think it’s a homely environment and they appreciate the work that I put into making it nice for them,” explained Bird. “I think it’s definitely a comfortable, accepting place.”

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Paige is a senior, plays marimba in the drumline and is broadcast managing editor of TCTV. She is almost always thinking about Whataburger.

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