The Time Has Come: Juniors Can Pick Senior Parking Spots On May 30

Juniors can choose their senior year parking spot on Tuesday, May 30 starting at 7:30 a.m. at the South Administration office near the Senior parking lot.

To pick a spot, all seat time must be completed, all textbooks are returned and any outstanding fees need to be paid in full.

A reserved spot must be purchased in advance and online. To purchase a senior sport, visit

Students must bring their receipts on May 30 when choosing their parking spots.

More Parking Information

Current student parking spaces include the band lot, senior parking lot, the two lots next to the senior lot and any parking near the tennis courts. Cost for parking will stay the same, $100 for senior parking and $50 ($25 per semester) for general student parking. Both senior and general parking passes will be up for sale starting Monday, May 15. Passes can be purchased online here, or can purchased by getting a form in Lisa Judd’s office.

Read parking regulations in this packet: Student Parking Regulations

Students who were awarded free or half priced parking passes because of the attendance initiative will get first pick on senior spots. Other incoming seniors who purchased spots will be allowed to choose their spots starting May 30. Painting day for senior spots will take place on Senior Sunrise, more dates to be announced soon. Any paint must be purchased by the student and will not be provided by the school. All spots must be painted by Oct. 1 and any unpainted spots will be sold without a refund.

Read Senior parking rules in this packet: Senior Parking Rules

Students who choose to park in any unauthorized spots such as teacher spots, handicap spots, another student’s spot or have not purchased a parking pass will have their car booted for the remainder of the school day.

In the 2017-18 school year, general parking will receive decals rather than tags. Seniors however will still have their Falcon passes.

“The decal will go in the window and cannot be peeled off, or duplicated,” said Ratliff.

Students will also not be allowed to park in the new reserved teacher parking. Teacher spots will be on the first row of all the general parking lots and will have a reserved label and will correspond with the teacher assigned to it.

See the map below for details:

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