The winners for the fifth six weeks attendance incentives lottery have been selected.

The seniors that will be receiving free prom tickets are Mitchell Wolf, Emily O’Neil, Sam Times, Sarah Vande Brake and Jackson Thibodeaux.

A free class ring from Balfour goes to Noah Anzaldua and Zach Goodrich.

Free senior parking vouchers go to Mary Crawford, Ethan Haler, Ben Ciprien and Emily Demel.

50% off senior parking goes to Caitlin McCusker, Thomas Lombardo, Brendan Chucci, Connor Fitzgerald, Gabrielle Bills, Kelly Ramirez, Nicolette Carr, Perla Vasquez Torres and John Vargas.

A free yearbook goes to Meredith Stuart, Julianna Kopesky and Mary Lobe.

Having a lunch with administrators will be Cam Ngo, Trent Lewis, Cody Albert, Connor Fitzgerald, Marcay Moore, Moreno Bajonero, Gelvin Pluas, Kaylee Billstone, Noah Grimes and Sarah Kopsesky.

On April 28, Kamrie Delano, Bethany Kloesel, Tracey Le, Ty Nicholson, Hilary Pham, Brandon Johnson, Dominic Vaccaro, Araya Murray, Giovanna Baez and Matthew Rosenbalm all went to Salt Grass with principal, Donald Bartlett and assistant principal, Michelle Somerhalder for their award.

All these winners, excluding the Salt Grass dinner winners, will be called down from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on May 3 to claim their reward.

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