J2 Crew Wows the Crowd at Annual Talent Show

Timber Creek students showcased their skills at the recent annual talent show on May 12. Held in the Fine Arts auditorium after school, the event was hosted by principal Donnie Bartlett and organized by choir director Amy Fambrough. Allowing students to perform under four different categories of dance, vocal with live accompaniment, vocal with track and instrumental, they were also encouraged to audition originally even if their talents did not apply to the categories. Choosing the top three, the overall winner, the band, J2 was picked out of all of the performances later on that night.

Working hard to perfect their performed song, the band members came away from the night not only with the grand prize, but also with an everlasting memory.

“We originally signed up for the talent show because we were in freshmen choir together and realized we, [me, Jacob and Jaylin], sounded pretty good together,” said member Jeremiah Miller. “The talent show really was the start of our whole friendship and J-Crew.”

Performing in the talent show each year of their high school experience, Miller shared that performing became less nerve racking each year that they went on stage.

“Get some experience, build your confidence and the nerves will fade,” said Miller. “I’d say what helped us the most in our performance was our prayer beforehand every year that just crushed all the fear inside us and allowed us to just sing from a heartfelt place. My favorite part of the experience was that, at the end of the performance, the crowd went wild and we were so proud of each other and ourselves and we thanked God for that awesome experience.”

Watch video coverage of the 2017 Talent Show here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhZNXrTlz3XQ34JbvTOt4hTTM6p49oPXj

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