EDITORIAL: Timber Creek Students Should be Mindful on PDA

The student body at Timber Creek has seen their fair share of public display of affection in the hallways. Most of the PDA is purely innocent with hand holding and quick kisses on the cheek before class starts. But some people take it to a whole different level.

Some couples take a little extra time walking to their classes when they are holding hands with their significant other. This causes a traffic jam in prime areas such as main hall and the upstairs C Hall intersection. With over three thousand students trying to get around the school, it’s hard to get from one side of the school to the other with a couple walking slower than the normal speed of traffic because they’re too busy holding hands.

Most of the time students are stress walking during passing periods because they know they have a test, quiz or project they are walking into. The last thing they want to see when they are stressed is a couple making out underneath the C hall stairs. This itself is more of a distraction than a shoulder showing to some.

“It’s not entirely necessary to do that stuff in the hallway due to the fact that it can be a distraction to others. A student has eight hours in a school day and can use those remainder of the hours in one day to see their significant other. Small things of affection are fine. It just becomes a distraction when couples cross the line of PDA,” said Meredith Stuart, Timber Creek junior.

The high level of Timber Creek traffic could possibly reduce if couples didn’t walk like turtles with their arms around each other.

“I get it. People get into each other and all. But we, the student body, have places to be. Couples need to put a bit of pep in their step during the passing periods,” commented junior David Valmore.

A public service announcement to all the couples of Timber Creek: walk faster. You will see each other after school. Some things are meant for school and some aren’t. And excessive PDA isn’t meant for school.

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