The City of Fort Worth has some major reconstruction plans that will effect the Timber Creek community as a whole. The 2014 Bond Program plans to open up Timberland Blvd. to Highway 377 and construction of a new road from Park Vista Blvd. to Excelsior Lane. The 2014 Bond was proposed to hopefully decrease the traffic surrounding Timberland Blvd. and provide greater mobility for the community.

The first segment, second phase of the project will begin the construction during Sept. and Oct. of 2017 if weather permitting. This phase will open up Timberland Blvd. to Park Vista by the Kroger shopping center by Timber Creek. This will close down the two lane road located by the small neighborhood.

The second segment, first phase of this program opened up Park Vista to Timberland with the roundabout located near the Steadman Farms and Timberland Estates neighborhoods which was constructed during early 2017 and is now opened to the public.


The third segment, second phase will begin during May of 2018. This will open up Timberland to Katy Road and US 377. This will increase the amount of cars that drive will drive by the Timberland Estates neighborhood.

Below are the pictures of how the bond looked before it was proposed and the picture on how the city plans to make their bond work.

“The extended roads will help with transportation and will be able to connect even farther places. I will be able to go certain places easier, and the traffic on these main roads will be significantly lighter,” commented Katelin Tran.

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