Timber Creek Library Hosts Poetry Slam

Timber Creek will hold their first poetry slam in the library on Wednesday, April 26 at 6 p.m.

Student and teachers alike are invited to read original work for an audience and judges, and anyone is welcome to watch. Poems will be judged on creativity and performance. Coffee will be provided, and awards will be given to winners.

Any student wanting to sign up should visit Brandy Abbott in the library with a copy of their poem. Spots are limited, so students are urged to enter as soon as possible. Those participating in the poetry slam are encouraged to bring at least one audience member.

Sarah Ulery

Written by 

Though she's a senior, this is Sarah's first year on Talon. Since she's in the Varsity Mixed choir, she hopes to write some stories in that area, but her main goal is to help the typical Timber Creek student feel less confused about this beautiful place called high school. All the same, she's still a fiction nerd, as proven by her involvement in TCHS Creative Writing stuff and her intent to most definitely publish her novel.

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