Everything You Need to Know for the 2017 Algebra, Biology and US History STAAR/EOC Tests

End of Course (EOC) STAAR testing for Algebra I, Biology and U.S. History will be held May 1 and 2, 2017.

On May 1, Algebra I students will report to their testing rooms by 8:30 a.m. and begin testing. Non-testing students will go through a regular B Day class schedule, however there will be no bells.

Like EOC testing earlier this year, some classrooms will be relocated due to testing centers. Check the list of teachers and rooms below:


TIP: It’s a PDF file. Try using a search function for your ID #

There are also QR Codes available to see the locations:

Testing on May 2 is for Biology and U.S. History — and it’s a very different schedule for the day.

STAAR EOC Schedule
May 2, 2017

8:30am – 1:30pm STAAR Biology & US History Testing: 9th, 11th, and retesting students
12:30pm – 1:30pm Testers eat lunch in Testing Classrooms/Conclude Testing
11:00am – 11:30am Non-Testers Report to Designated Areas (see below)
11:35am – 12:30pm 12th  Grade Cafeteria /  10th Grade Fine Arts Center (F.A.C.)
12:35pm – 1:30pm 12th Grade Fine Arts Center (F.A.C.) / 10th Grade Cafeteria
1:36pm – 2:15pm 2nd (A) Period
2:21pm – 3:00pm 3rd (A) Period
3:06pm– 3:45pm 4th (A) Period

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 will be a late arrival day for 10th grade and 12th grade students who are not taking the STAAR EOC Biology or US History Test. Late arrival for these students will be at 11:00am.

If a student is unable to find transportation for late arrival, they may still ride the bus in the morning like normal or arrive at the regularly scheduled time. These students will report to the Small Gym.

Off campus classes will be cancelled. These students will report to the Fine Arts Center (FAC) during these class periods.

Lunches for Students: All testing students are to bring their own lunch. Sack lunches will be available for purchase for any student that is unable to bring their own
lunch from home.

• Reporting Location
o All 10th grade students that are not testing will report to the Fine Arts Center (FAC) at 11:00am for attendance.
o All 12th grade students that are not testing will report to the Small Gym at 11:00am for attendance.

Seniors will be required to attend class for their entire school schedule on this day. Please arrange your schedule accordingly as the times of classes are different.

This story will continue to be updated as it gets closer to the dates of testing.

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