TAFE Gives Back to Cook Children’s Hospital

Starting this week, students and faculty may donate new supplies and toys to Cook Children’s Hospital. Participating in an event competition called “Project Visualize” under the service category, TAFE officer Siomara Salas shared the reason behind the donations, and the impact giving has on others.  

“We instantly knew we wanted to do something involving kids in a hospital, because we knew they must get bored and there are many hospital bound kids for so many reasons,” said Salas. “Originally we had an idea to make a sort of kit filled with activities the kids would enjoy and would allow them to forget whatever they’re going through at the moment.”

Donations can be delivered to M105, with donations due by Jan. 27. Students may reach out to TAFE officers for more information.

Attached below is the Holiday Wish List and donations that can be made.

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