Project BeYOUtiful: A New Project. A New You

Last year Student Council hosted Project Beautiful. Differentiating ideas sparked a contrast that put students against each other on what was supposed to be a day devoted to standing together. This year is devoted to preventing that.

Timber Creek’s Student Council, National Honor Society, and class officers are teaming up on Jan. 27 to present the improved Project Beautiful- now called- “Project BeYOUtiful”. The project will no longer focus on whether or not a girl wears makeup but rather one’s beauty as a whole. Organizations worked together to remove the project from being female focused and reinvented its purpose- one that affects the whole student body. STUCO adviser Stacy Cleveland defined the differences between the former and new project.

“Project BeYOUtiful is a program we do to promote positive self image and to promote self worth.” states Cleveland. “We want to spread the idea that beauty can be something different than what’s on the outside, Self worth is on the inside.”

STUCO has even reached out to organizations like National Art Honor Society to participate as well – all to make the day more impactful. The goal is to go beyond posters this year and connect with the student body. Additionally NAHS plans to reveal a mural in our cafeteria the day of the project.

Junior class officer Jade Ealy has played a special role in the planning of this project.

“High School is a really difficult time in terms of figuring out the person that you’re going to grow into, and we want people to know that whoever that person is has value.” states Jade.

Student council plans to promote students self confidence and the class officers are working with TCTV on a “I am” video that will both show confidence and promote it.

“It’s so much more than the physical aspect as well. We want people to feel comfortable in pursuing their passions or concern for what others think.” said Jade.

NHS will help the project by heading its fundraising. However following the week of Project BeYOUtiful, NHS will be selling lollipops for $1 as a fundraiser for SafeHaven of Tarrant County. Safe Haven is a battered women’s shelter. Most women that reside at the shelter have experienced abuse and other trauma. Additionally, NHS is not only looking to donate funds. They are hoping to reach out to local spas and salons to see if they could donate to the women at the shelter as well.

“We thought this aligned very well with our purpose of promoting self-confidence and the beauty within YOU, regardless of past struggles.” states Jade.

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