Climbing New Heights: Drumline Marches Into Their Indoor Season

After the conclusion of the Timber Creek’s marching band season, the band transitions into their concert season whilst the drumline continues marching into their indoor drumline season. Indoor drumline is another season for the drumline where they design a show that the members perform at competitions all around Texas.

2017 will be the third year the drumline has participated in indoor drumline, with their previous shows “Perception” and “Direction“, winning bronze and silver medals as well as many first place titles.

“I have every medal but a gold one, and this year we are going to achieve that 1st place at the NTCA Championship,” said senior quad player BreAnn Barker. “Then and only then will my collection be complete.”

Though this is the third official year of the indoor drumline, they showcased a show in 2014 at a couple competitions. The show was entitled “Heist” and was a way for the drumline to exhibit their skills other than during marching band season. Currently, the group now does this through indoor season.

Indoor drumline is a way for many of the members to become closer and to make the freshmen feel more welcome.

“Indoor brings the whole section together. We’re no longer a section, but a family,” said Barker. “Every person is so crucial that a sense of belonging breaks out.”

This year’s show is entitled “Off the Beaten Path”. It will be centered around a hiker, featuring the popular song “Hello” by Adele. Many drumline members are enthusiastic about this year’s show.

“My favorite part would have to be learning music with all my friends!” said freshman vibraphone player Jesse Morrison.

Members of the drumline are extremely proud of their accomplishments and wish to perform in front of the student body.

“I think it would be awesome if we have a fine arts pep rally, or showcase, where all the groups in TC who are competing in the spring display their show. Like show choir, sky dancers, cheer, color guard, and the drumline. I think it would be something real cool to show off the amazing fine arts kids here at Timber Creek,” Barker suggested.

On Saturday, Jan. 28 2017, the drumline has an all day practice from 9 a.m to 9 p.m., ending their practice with a performance open to the public at 9 p.m. in the TCHS gym.

See photos of the TCHS Drumline (past and present) below:

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