From Paper to Post: Scholarships Switch Online

It’s the time of the year where seniors are scrambling to get accepted to colleges and finding scholarships. Many students have adjusted to the online switch but many students are still trying to figure it out.

Timber Creek has removed the binder of scholarships from the counselors office and switched to online discovery. The counselors recommend a website entitled College Guidance Counsultants or Students may receive their username and password by emailing or visiting the counseling office.

Timber Creek Counselor Randall Colvin also recommends using the scholarship websites of the colleges they are applying too. Colvin states that many students receive scholarships directly from their school they plan attending this way. As well, College Guidance Counsultants is a great starting website for many students and has many opportunities according to Colvin.

Yet many students prefer a scholarship discovery website called FastWeb. FastWeb is an online college scholarship and application search website. You are required to enter information about your age, GPA, future interests and more. Then, you will be matched with scholarships based on your profile, easily accessing scholarships you are eligible for.

This website is also capable of much more. You have easy access your career planning, as well as help to find student loans and colleges you would like to go to in the future.

For more details about recent scholarship opportunities, click the link about scholarships-due-in-december-and-january.

Timber Creek has made is much easier to apply for scholarships, just pull out your phone and get started!

Check out the improved Scholarships and Financial Aid page on the official TCHS website.

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