10 TCHS Choir Students Advance to the Last Round of All State

On Friday, Nov. 11, 17 TCHS choir students proceeded to audition for round three and 10 succeeded on making it to the last round. In this audition, the judges took the five top chairs from each voice part and two alternates in which Timber Creek had one alternate in the Soprano one section. The Timber Creek singers advancing range from being freshman to seniors and do not only do choir in their school life.

What is really unique about the round three results is that in the Alto one room, four out of the five that progressed to the last round were Timber Creek students. All of them are seniors, yet have different experience in the All State process.

This year was Cossette Rodriguez first attempt on trying All State and she has traveled so far, placing fourth place in her voice part at round three. She has expressed her confidence, saying that she was nervous because she felt that her goal was to sing the way she wanted to be heard and was not expecting much.

Rodriguez comments “…it’s [all state] taught me such beautiful songs and it has been such a enriching process. I’m so thankful that I get to go on to round four and am excited that I get this amazing opportunity.”

Caroline Norton however, has done All State since her freshman year. Recently, in the role of Anabelle in Robin Hood the play, she went to All State her junior year and says she is determined to get back that title this year.

“Doing All State for the last four years has been an incredibly rewarding experience!” Caroline says. “It has challenged me to become a better musician every time I’ve gone through the process, and I’ve learned so much that I will carry with me into the rest of my life!”

Norton also said that this year she could not expect advancing to a round  in this type of competition because she was compete with different people every year. However, she is very proud of everyone who made it, especially her Alto one friends.

Congrats to the everyone who auditioned and to the ten accomplished students that made it to round four!

Soprano 1:

Angela Richmond-Second alternate

Soprano 2:

Hannah Davis-1st chair

Alto 1:

Paisley Rasmussen-1st chair

Caroline Norton-2nd chair

Cossette Rodriguez-4th chair

Amanda Barber- 5th chair

Alto 2 :

Madelynne Vansickle-5th chair

Tenor 1:

Jacob Rodriguez-4th chair

Jesse Champion-5th chair

Tenor 2:

Nam Nguyen- 1st chair

Bass 1:

Aidan Barriga-4th chair

Adrianna Jagodzinski

Written by 

Adrianna Jagodzinski is a 17 year old senior and a first year Talon reporter. She is a varsity mixed/show choir member in the TCHS choir program and is also in NHS. On her bucket list she wishes to skydive, go to Bolivia, and be a choir director.

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