Timber Creek Swim Team Dives Into TISCA This Week

The Timber Creek Swim Team hopes to turn heads and make waves during TISCA this week. One of their biggest meets of the season, the team competes at the Lewisville Natatorium on Friday, Nov. 18, and possibly Saturday if they make finals.

This year, the TISCA region we’re in has grown so much that prelims has been split into two meets,” said Swim Captain and Senior, Kamron Gopffarth. “TCHS will swim in the first one Friday morning and have to wait until the end of the second to find out who made finals for Saturday”

Just weeks before the team hopes to compete at Regions and shoot for State, the swim team performance will determine their strengths and weaknesses, and provide an estimation of the best times going into regions and the rest of the season.

“Last year was one of our most successful years as a team..qualifying for [regions and] state would be a huge accomplishment for our athletes as it is so difficult, but not out of our reach,” swim team Coach Ashley Knapp commented.

Listed below are the athletes that will be competing.

Elaina Allen

Josie Gunn

Karolyn Kosek

Serena Shabout

Karson Gopffarth

Kamron Gopffarth

Drew McDonald

Matt Goin

Andrew Bau

Colin Warwick

Nick Erikson

Pierce Phrasavath

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