Timber Creek Students React to Trump Winning the Presidency

The country has felt a whirlwind of emotions since the evening of Nov. 8. The nation was shocked to see Donald Trump win the presidency. Many felt a sense of pride to be an American whereas others felt like they just saw all of their basic human rights gone in a flash.

A handful of Timber Creek students took to Twitter to express their feelings throughout the night when the electoral college results were rolling in.

Hours after it was announced Trump was the elect-president, Twitter hashtags such as #NotMyPresident and #ImStillWithHer were started. These hashtags quickly made the trending page and stayed there throughout the following day. Several Timber Creek students set their Twitter names as #NotMyPresident.

“I decided to change my Twitter name to ‘NOTMYPRESIDENT’ the morning they announced that he won the polls because until he acknowledges his racism, sexism, bigotry and all of the other slandering, disrespectful remarks.. I am not going to accept him as my president. I won’t acknowledge Trump,” said, sophomore Kaylee Byrd.

Throughout Trump’s campaign, he made the impression to many Americans that he was only for the straight, rich, white male. He made many feel as if the minorities were not as important to his ideals. Trump’s slogan, Make America Great Again, questioned the minorities of our country because they felt like America was never great in the first place. They felt as if the only thing that’s been done for them throughout the course of history was made by politicians during Obama’s presidency. The minorities of our country feel inferior to Trump and him winning the presidency felt as if the progress that’s been made in our country for the past eight years was all erased.

“As a Hispanic woman, who’s a member of the LGBT community everything Trump stands for threatens my safety as a person. As someone who has called my race rapists and drug dealers, I don’t feel comfortable with him as our president,” commented Chynna Thompson, junior.

On the contrary, some feel as if America will finally be winning in the world again with Trump leading our country. With a Democrat as far left as wing as Obama is – Trump would be a breath of fresh air for Republicans. Trump made the promise to Americans that they would be “so tired of winning” if he were to be elected.

“I felt like this [Trump winning] could be a good thing for America. It gives our country and government a chance for change. It gives us an opportunity to try something new against what’s been occurring for eight years. It gives the people who have been neglected a chance to rise up and have a say. It’s going to be an interesting four years and I’m excited to see what unfolds,” said, junior Jimmy Mouser.

There is also students in the middle of the political fiasco that is ongoing right now. A few don’t see the point in arguing about Trump’s win because it’s in the past and cannot be changed.

“Why do we all have such anger towards each other? Clinton was terrible and so was Trump. But why is there a need to feel such anger towards each other? It’s over. Donald Trump is the president. If someone really hates it, they can leave. Telling each other we are wrong is getting nowhere and will remain that way,” commented, junior Derek Johnson.

Americans are in for a different scheme of things for the next four years. Especially the next two years. Republicans have Washington D.C. in their palm of their hands. The Republican party currently has control over the House of Representatives, the Senate and the commander in chief position.

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