TCHS Wind Symphony Up On the Stages in Seattle

Last spring, the Timber Creek High School Wind Symphony auditioned to be selected to perform an hour-long concert at the Western International Band Clinic (WIBC) Convention in Seattle, Washington. This summer, they were notified that they had been accepted by the selection committee to perform.

On Thursday, Nov. 17, the Timber Creek High School Wind Symphony traveled from the DFW Airport to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Seattle for WIBC.

The convention serves to educate teachers and students from the Pacific Northwest, Australia and portions of Canada by providing quality concerts from students and professionals from around the globe, as well as professional development sessions for teachers and honor band opportunities for students. As a performing ensemble at the convention, students will have the opportunity to work with composers and industry professionals from around the world.

The band’s program was entitled “Upward” with a theme of rising and reaching a goal, much like the band did in getting selected to go. Band director Darla McBryde once made the analogy and correlated the title to a rocket ship taking off, hence selecting songs such as Vulcan from Star Trek.

“What’s cool about the program is that the tunes were able to do the story-telling,” said percussionist Arielle Bautista. “We started with a fast-paced song which, for me, represented the launch of the ship, and ended with a march to celebrate the landing.”

While this concert was the main reason for the trip, they did get to do some great sightseeing and have lots of fun.

“We did all kinds of sightseeing,” says senior clarinetist Analia Kistler. “…Like a boat ride to see the outside of the city, a huge aquarium, the Mo Pop museum and the space needle.”

The band played eight selections in total, all of which had varying styles and tempos which really gave the concert a fun feel.

“My instrument was responding well despite the climate change, and I think it was the best I could’ve done,” sophomore tenor saxophonist Reese Hyatt told Talon reporters. “It felt really good because we had all played the best we could have and the applause was overwhelmingly awesome.”

Music from the band’s showcase is playing on TCFM through the end of November and will return after Holiday Break. Listen to a selection from the score, “Vulcan – Pon Farr,” below.

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