Stomach Virus Plagues The Band

It’s the very end of the season for the Timber Creek Marching Band, and they have been ending the year strong. However, it was a little challenging with the sickness going around.

Ending the season with first place at Midlothian and sixth place at Area, the band has had an amazing season.

“I could not be prouder of the people I stepped onto the field with that final night,” said Drumline Captain BreAnn Barker. “Band is a family…Band is my family, and I’ll always be thankful for the memories made.”

Unfortunately, just as this close family has their season come to an end, a plague struck.

As fall starts to turn into winter, it’s natural for students to get sick. And when you are in close quarters with so many people, something is bound to spread.

A stomach virus started going around the band, affecting many players including five mellophones at once. Students have been feeling nauseous which led to fevers and occasional vomiting. This stomach flu had made its way to all sections of the band, making it harder to finish strong for their last competition.

“It was really bad for our group morale before our last competition of the season,” sophomore marimba player Bill Smith said. “But we got through it and ended the season with a literal bang.”

This plague has come to an end as the season has finished, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be careful about our health.

Timber Creek students have been encouraged to not drink after each other and to wash their hands often. This also applies to all Timber Creek students and families as we hope everyone to say healthy through the rest of the year.

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