Timber Creek to Host Halloween Game

Timber Creek’s student section, The Nest, has gone above and beyond this year. The section has grown largely from what it has previously been. Students have worked hard to increase school spirit by attending most (for some; all) games. The hype for school spirit this year is at a all time high and it is continuing to grow.

This year, student leaders such as, Chloe Hege have come up with a new ideas to promote football games and have an all around good time. The game held on Friday, Oct. 28 will now have a special Halloween theme. Students will be able to come to the game dressed in Halloween costumes and allow students to get in spirit a bit earlier.

Hege is excited to see how this plays out as previous themes have been a success. “I think wearing costumes in the student section is a fun way to show the different personalities we have at Timber Creek.” She even joked about last weeks theme,”Of course we had that theme the one night it dropped below 80 degrees!”

The idea comes from an old Band tradition. The tradition was that every year, on the game closest to Halloween, Band students would be able to dress up in their costumes and march on the field. The former tradition not only provided an entertaining half time performance, but it was widely appreciated by students.

Hege hopes that the game will be a hit among students and continue as a new student section tradition.

While the student section will be able to participate this year, there are still some regulations that must be followed. Students are not allowed to wear costumes with masks or carry objects that can be perceived as dangerous. That means no weapons, real or fake. In fact students may have no props at all. Students can’t use fake blood as that could be sensitive to some people. All costumes must be within reason of school dress code and can’t be inappropriate. Students will be checked at the gate and will be turned away if they choose not to follow these rules. Additionally Timber Creek Administration asks that students remember to follow normal KISD Stadium rules as well. Halloween costumes can only be worn at the game, not during school.

“For the seniors, we only have a few more chances to enjoy Friday Night Lights at Timber, so the Nest wanted to do something really fun before the playoffs start!” says Hege.

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