Sky Dancers Sell Popcorn and Host Craft Show

The Timber Creek Sky Dancers are selling popcorn and promoting their annual craft show once again to raise funds for the year.

The popcorn comes in a couple of delicious flavors, including caramel, white cheddar and vanilla. This $2 treat is being sold by individual sky dancer’s to raise money for their costumes, competitions, and team trips.

“The popcorn is for the girls,” sophomore Ainsley Dorsey explained. “Every bag we sell we get the money to pay for next years expenses.”

Each sky dancer receives about $1.20 per bag of popcorn she sells to help fund her sky dancer career. The more a girl sells, the better prepared she is for their Spring Competition. Buying popcorn is a win-win, because the buyer gets a snack and a sky dancer is supported with the funds.

“We’re gonna go to San Antonio to compete, and so whatever they sell in popcorn goes towards their individual trip accounts.” Assistant Director Harris said.

The Craft Show, on the other hand, is not specifically funded by the popcorn sales.

“We have lots of expenses to pay for, and this is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year.” Dorsey said.

The Craft Show will be this Saturday October 29 from 9am to 5pm at Timber Creek High School. Vendors can rent a booth to sell their products, anything ranging from homemade crafts like wooden signs, to candles, clothes and food. The Sky Dancers, parents, and booster club members contribute by helping the almost 100 vendors set up, take down, and run the concession stand. The money raised at the craft show goes towards anything the team has to pay for like competition fees and costumes so the girls don’t have to pay as much.

Support our Sky Dancers this week by buying popcorn, this weekend by attending their annual craft show, and during their half-time performances at the varsity football games. Go Falcons!


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