Raise International Awareness With JWAC

Junior World Affairs Council, or more commonly known as JWAC, is a new organization at TCHS that works to find solutions and raise awareness toward social, political and environmental issues affecting the world today. Sponsored by Melissa West and Jake Maddox, the main objective of the organization is to help students become aware of global affairs and find ways to make a difference.

Covering subjects from current events to environmental problems, JWAC provides a space that allows for students to speak their minds and share their opinions on global issues that impact their world, while also brainstorming of fundraising opportunities and solutions that could change these dilemmas. Alongside raising awareness for these opportunities, JWAC also hopes to impact and reach out to those in need in any way they can, whether it be through fundraising, volunteering, or special projects.

“We’ll focus a lot on current events, given that one of the purposes of the organization is to get students familiar with a world broader than just our own experiences. We want to create an environment to enhance leadership skills and get students comfortable with discussing problems facing our world today,” Abby Pinkerton, member of the TCHS JWAC Leadership Board, responded.

Members in JWAC have opportunities to listen to guest speakers and attend events that highlight the global aspects of culture, business, politics, etc. One event that they are planning to attend is the Career Day job fair held at the University of Texas at Arlington. At this event, students can compete for jobs and internships against other JWAC organizations in the region, as well as practice their networking skills.

JWAC, as a whole, is sponsored by the World Affairs Council Dallas/Ft. Worth, which works on a broader scale for the same goal of bigger global awareness. The World Affair Council links the North Texas region to the rest of the world through events and programs that educate and raise awareness towards global affairs.

The JWAC first meeting is planned for Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 4 p.m. in C 107. Meeting times are planned to take place twice a month.

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