Falcon Football Makes Playoffs, Still Faces Challenges

Your very own Timber Creek Falcons are, for the first time, almost at the very top of the district standings which means two things.

The Falcons will have a winning season; being 6-2, there are only two more games to be played. If those last two games somehow end up being losses the Falcons record would still be 6-4, while not as pretty as 8-2, it’s still a big deal for a Timber Creek team to have a winning record (which is hopefully changing.)

Furthermore, being near the top of district play means something big… playoffs. Timber Creek has only been to playoffs once in the past so it is a huge deal for this team to make it there. At the beginning of the year Star Telegram predicted Timber Creek to go 5-5 and still make playoffs, which wouldn’t be to bad in and of itself, but the team stood up and already eclipsed expectations before the regular season is even over.

On account of the fact that there was a good chance the Falcons made playoffs with a 5-5 record, and that now looks like a bad misprint for this year’s team, it’s pretty easy to believe that the Timber Creek Falcons will make the playoffs this year for the second time in school history. This year’s team is much more stable as a team instead of past years where we had a group of talented individuals, and in football the best TEAM wins, not always the “team” with some of the best players.

That being said, the only two games left in the regular season are some pretty big ones. The two teams left in our path is Central and Abilene. Both are very talented teams, Central being 3rd in district (right below Timber Creek) and Abilene being right in front of Timber Creek at the top spot in the district.

With a schedule like this, it’s best to take it one at a time, so let’s focus on getting out there and supporting the team Friday while they take on the Central Chargers; if Timber wins this one the #2 spot is clenched as opposed to now where it could be a toss up between the two of us, Central and Timber. If you have something going on to where you can’t make it out to the game, you can listen to the live audio of the game while it is being played on Timber Creek Sports Network.

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