Everything You Need to Know About Attendance

TCHS students, school attendance is a very important factor in order for you to graduate.

A student must attend at least 90% of class time so that they can be eligible for graduation. Failing to follow the 90% rule or tardy policy can result in credit denial in the course or detention. You can find the new tardy policy in this article here at https://www.timbercreektalon.com/2016/09/the-tardy-party-is-over-new-tardy-policy-effective-immediately/

Those who commit truancy and exceed the attendance law could be subjected to severe consequences, including getting a criminal complaint against the parent, guardian and/or the student and the student will not be able to graduate. Violation of the attendance law is when a student has three non-recongnized absences or parts of days in a four-week period or ten or more days or parts of days within a six-month period.

Students are responsible for two different types of absences: recognized absences that are excused from the 90% rule and Non-Recognized absences that count towards the 90% percent rule. Recognized absents include documented medical appointments, documented required court appearances, school related activities, nationally recognized holidays and documented college visits. Other absences not addressed in the recognized absence list is considered non-recognized.

Students are accountable to call or email the attendance office when they are going to miss a day.

If your last name is A-L, you can contact Elizabeth Harper at (817)-744-2340 or at Elizabeth.Harper@kellerisd.net.

If your last name is M-Z , you can contact Debra Boehringer at (817)744-241 or at Debra.Boehringer@kellerisd.net.

For absences that must be documented, documents have to be turned in to the attendance office or faxed to (817)-744-2337 within five business days. due to KISD policy.

A student can check out their attendance on Home Access in order to see if there is any errors or mistakes that the attendance office or a teacher has made. These kind of errors should be discussed with the teacher and student to make a possible correction.

TCHS is a closed campus and it includes lunchtime. Students cannot be dismissed during their lunch hour unless a parent is present.

Parents should preferably call in advance to dismiss a student from class.  Dismissals after 3:15 p.m. have to to be arranged in advance. There will also be no dismissals available on major state testing dates. If students leave campus without permission or without a pass from the attendance office, they will be subjected to punishment and disciplinary action.

Because of the high amount of calls received at the attendance office, parents might have to leave a message. Parents have to leave the student name, reason for call, dismissal time if preferred, a callback name and phone number. If a parent does not leave a message, it can result to dismissal delay for the student.

VOE forms or verification of enrollment forms can also be requested in the attendance office and take 24 hours to prepare.

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Adrianna Jagodzinski is a 17 year old senior and a first year Talon reporter. She is a varsity mixed/show choir member in the TCHS choir program and is also in NHS. On her bucket list she wishes to skydive, go to Bolivia, and be a choir director.

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