EDITORIAL – Keep Moving to Battle Overcrowded Hallways

There are over three thousand students at Timber Creek High School trying to fight through the hallways every six minute passing period.

Being respectful in the hallways is one way to get everyone to their classes on time. Don’t stand in the middle of the hallway. Walk on the right side of the hall. Your right, not the people walking towards you. Don’t be the person that is walking the wrong way in the hall so people push you out of the way. People want to get to class, not talk with their friends for all of the allotted six minutes. Walk and talk quickly to your next location. Don’t run in the hall either. It causes more harm than it does good. Injured people also have a hard time walking in the hallways with the amount of people in the hallways.


Also, know what class you are going to. Don’t just randomly stop and turn in the middle of the hall. It causes traffic jams. No one likes traffic jams. A prime example of a traffic jam is C hall upstairs. Have an idea of what path you will take and make sure to go where you have an idea of going and make sure you can get around people that can possibly be in your way. Don’t make a train in the middle of C Hall to make sure you and all your friends can get through at the same time. Your train will be pushed apart whether you like it or not.

Floating teachers also have to go through the halls with their carts during passing period too. They are also trying to get to their next class during the six minute passing with all the student in the hallway. Being respectful and not standing in their way or cutting them off gets both you and them to class faster.

“I try to let my classes go two minutes early to avoid congestion. If I don’t get out early, I just wait because I would run over pedestrians,” Rosalinda Scott, ESL floating teacher, commented.

If you want to talk in the halls, pull off to an area where you won’t be in the middle of the hall and not in the way of people going either direction. Standing in large open spaces and not in the middle of a crowded hallway is the correct way to talk to someone if you have to. Yet, even when you are pulled off to the side, you need to talk quickly and get to class.

If you are late to class, you get a tardy and there is a new tardy policy which is explained in this Talon article https://www.timbercreektalon.com/2016/09/the-tardy-party-is-over-new-tardy-policy-effective-immediately/ .

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