Dodge Low While Aiming High – TC Baseball Holds Dodgeball Tournament on Dec. 2

UPDATE: The Dodgeball Tournament was moved to Dec. 2, due to the football team making playoffs. The following dates have been updated accordingly. 

The TCHS Baseball Team is holding a Dodgeball Tournament to raise team funds that students and teachers are able to participate in. The tournament will take place on Dec. 2. Teams wishing to participate will need to bring money the week of Nov. 28. Teams will have an entry fee of $30 and consist of a maximum of 10 students and/or teachers. Students wishing to sign up will need to talk to Coaches Santos Casillas, Ian Henley, or Damian Van Winkle. Tickets to watch the tournament will be sold to students during lunch on Nov. 28 through Dec. 2, and will cost $3.

Students who are team players with a gold ticket should be dismissed at 2:25, so they are able to prepare for the tournament and be ready by the beginning of 5th period. Students who are watching and have a purple ticket should be dismissed after teachers take attendance during 5th period. The tournaments are planned to begin as soon as possible. Whether you’re playing or watching, come to the dodgeball tournament and support TC Baseball.

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