UIL Science Team Recruitment Meeting Sept. 27

Around this time of the year is when teachers from different departments begin recruiting for their UIL teams. Lead by AP Physics C and AP Physics 1 teacher, Dawn Gallenstein, the UIL Science Team is open for students from all classes to participate in.

“Any student interested in science–whether it be Biology, Chemistry or Physics–is welcome to attend and join the UIL group, regardless of grade levels 9-12,” says Gallenstein. “The practice meets take into consideration grade level for top scores for fairness of experience opportunity.”

Besides giving students the chance to collaborate over several science questions as they pull from various strengths and learn new things from others, Gallenstein shares that the top scoring slots from the competitions can advance to Region, aiding in their ability to compete for lettering and make them eligible to apply for scholarship opportunities.

“It is also a great resume builder!” Gallenstein adds.

Those interested in joining the UIL Science Team can come to an introductory meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 7:40 a.m. in M234. The meeting will primarily consist of answering questions or concerns, deciding on meeting dates/times and discussing expectations for making the team that will compete at the District level.

“The students who show an interest in competing in the spring can work to get one of the top three slots for overall score, top score in the categories of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, or top team,” says Gallenstein.

The team has been recognized for their accomplishments in 2015, achieving first in District and going to Regionals. All members happened to be seniors that year, and the team is calling for a rebuild.

“We look forward to our future success!”