Timber Goes 3-0 Over Flower Mound

Timber Creek is now 3-0 after beating Flower Mound 38-30 — but they face a tough opponent on Thursday.

Timber Creek seemed to dominate most of the game, scoring with ease on offense. It seems like no one team can even match up with the passing game of this Falcons offense. Cade Schrader at QB knows his game plan inside and out and having top notch receivers like Eric Ezukanma, Eric Mills, Nick Nelson, and Jerome Jackson certainly makes for an almost unstoppable lob squad.

Another good week puts Timber Creek up higher in the rankings and closer to a golden football. The gold football is received by the winner of district, if Timber Creek got one this year it would be for the first time in the school’s history.

This coming week Timber Creek could have one of their tougher match ups playing a Denton team who is also 3-0. As a team Denton is ranked higher than Timber Creek in all National, state, and region rankings.

Normally playing a team that is said to be better than you would be wouldn’t be good news, but this is not the case for this match up. Timber Creek may be having the best season since the opening of the school and this is a chance to prove that the hype isn’t built on false hope.

Many still have their doubts about how good Timber Creek is this year, keeping disappointing past teams in mind. A win vs. Denton could put many minds at ease. So as always, bring the Nest to this Homecoming game and make sure to help your Falcons get that W.

The Timber Creek vs. Denton game will take place at Keller stadium on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016 at 7 p.m.