Timber Falls to Ridge, 44-49, in First District Game

This year’s goal for Timber Creek to get the Gold Football has taken another hit.

On Friday, Sept. 23, 2016 Timber lost a close game to Fossil Ridge.  The score being 44-49 seems like a very close, respectable loss but being the first in-district game, it seems to feel much worse than it is.

Is it possible to still win the division and get the #GFB? Yes, it is possible, but even now it is going to take a whole lot of work and just a little bit of luck. The Falcons need to win most if not the rest of the games remaining on their schedule, if not, it is mostly leaving it up in the air and hoping that a bunch of the other teams beat each other up and end up with pretty neutral records.

The Falcons have a bye week this week, allowing them to train for their next contest.

On Oct. 7, your Falcons are playing the Weatherford Kangaroos. While the Falcons seem to be the superior team having three wins compared to Weatherford’s one, anything can happen in football. So come out, get loud, and support your boys in the pursuit of the #GFB

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