Timber Creek Today – Sept. 29, 2016

Football has a bye week this week – That means no game.

The new tardy policy being enforced make tardies cumulative across class periods. So you only get three tardies before you begin to face consequences. Read more here: The Tardy Party is Over

Students, please make sure you have a parking pass or your car will be booted. This means an additional $25, on top of the $50 parking pass fee for the whole year.

Attention GSA members, you will meet after school today from 4 to 4:30 in room C120. TAFE has a workday today after school at 3:50, in room M105. See more club meeting dates and times here: Club Meetings: Sept. 26-30

Teachers, if you are a club sponsor and would like your meeting dates announced, please contact Tips@timbercreektalon.com

Please use the hashtag #TextFreeforTita to promote safe driving, find out more on the Talon. Read that story here: Cheerleaders Promote Text-Free Driving.

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