TCHS Yearbook Makes Headlines With National Awards

The TCHS 2016 yearbook staff went above and beyond the expectations and received the All American Yearbook Award given by the National Scholastic Press Association. The NSPA is responsible for awarding Marks of Distinction and the Pacemaker award.

This year the yearbook won five Marks of Distinction, which are points given to the staff if they excel in one area, as compared to the one or three they’ve won in previous years. These ‘Marks of Distinction’ are made up of five categories; essentials, coverage, writing and editing, design, and photography. The yearbook staff had been awarded in all five of the categories.

Not only that, but the yearbook also achieved with their score and distinction marks an All American status.

“I’m so excited I’m going to throw up.” Kelsey Crawford senior, told Talon when she found out about the award.

Since the book has a big chance at becoming a finalist for the Pacemaker award in February, the staff is planning a trip to Seattle, WA where the winners will be announced in April. The Pacemaker award is the highest award a yearbook can achieve, with All American award as the second.

When asked what made this yearbook so special Senior Mason Chavez replied, “We allowed ourselves more freedoms and were more daring, with the help of the Talon writers and a great staff, our book turned out amazing.”

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