TCHS Fan Fiction Club Meets Every Wednesday


What if Bella chose Jacob? What if Katniss had not volunteered in place of Prim? What if Harry was not the Chosen One? All of these answers and more can be found in Timber Creek’s Club Fanfiction. 

Fan Fiction club is the perfect opportunity for fans of any book, TV show, anime, movie, video game or comic to talk and connect with other students who like those same things. Club meetings will take place every Wednesday at 4 p.m. in Ms. Romero’s room, C120.

Along with discussing those works, the members of Club Fanfiction also write their own creative stories and create their own pieces of artwork based upon their favorite fictional universes. They then share their fan fiction and fan art with Ms. Romero and other club members, who will give feedback and constructive criticism.

“One time, we wrote a huge, multi-universe fan fiction,” says club member Elizabeth Shugert.

“We chat, hang out, and we discuss our favorite fan fictions,” summarizes club President Jennasea Keath.

A typical club meeting will consist mostly of group discussions, with a show of some sort playing on the projector, which, according to club member Gabby Hawkins, was a new addition to the club this year.

Every member of the Fan Fiction Club is very welcoming, creating a fun atmosphere inside the room, in which everyone is free to be their complete selves and just do what they want, which often results in the meeting becoming quite energetic and, at times, a little crazy.

All in all, if you are looking for a great place to talk about all your favorite fandoms, then the Fan Fiction Club is definitely for you.

Tabitha Tomlinson

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Tabitha is a senior who absolutely loves writing for the Talon. While she spends most of her time watching Netflix, she also enjoys writing, spending time with friends and family, and helping others. She adores coffee, pizza, and puppies.