TC Color Guard: Fear the Flags

Photos from the 2016 TCHS Homecoming Parade. (Photos taken by The Creek Yearbook photographers)
Photos from the 2016 TCHS Homecoming Parade. (Photos taken by The Creek Yearbook photographers)

The Timber Creek Color Guard is 22 members strong, and each one of them puts in a lot of hard work to make the Timber Creek marching show look amazing.

Color Guard camp was July 18-22, and when it began, they jumped right in. At guard camp, they started each day with a stretch and dance block, learned fundamentals, and performed “across the floors”, which is an exercise where students line up in rows and perform a skill across the floor. Then after a lunch break, they would learn warm-up combos and different flag tosses. They also learned their Timber Creek Spirit Show routines.

In addition, they came to band camp with the Timber Creek Band where they continued to work on the spirit show and other technique skills. They then began to learn the choreography for the Timber Creek 2016 Marching Show entitled “Con-chair-to” during the last week of band camp before school starts. They also go to morning and afternoon band rehearsals during the school year, but they don’t just rehearse with the band. They also rehearse during fifth period where they work to learn and clean choreography.

“I love our work this year because our show is about Russian royalty, so we get to be sassy, and it’s really fun,” squad leader Paige Rupert said. “Our choreography isn’t very hard but it can be challenging at times.”

The Color Guard puts in so much time and effort to support the band during marching season and to have their own show during the winter that they compete with at various competitions. The band appreciates the edge they give the show and can’t wait to support them during Winter Guard season.

Spirit leader Logan Yancy said, “I’m in Color Guard because it’s a lot of fun and I love spending time with everyone in the band and Color Guard. It’s also really fun to be a part of an organization that allows people to be expressive.”