Shrink Your Mum Campaign Returns to Timber Creek


The 2016 Homecoming is right around the corner and this year Timber Creek Student Council and Senior Class officers are encouraging students to shrink their mums by donating to charity.

The “Shrink Your Mum” campaign will be donating to charity Sept. 7-14 at all lunches. Senior Class and Student Council officers will be accepting donations for the Families for Early Autism Treatment charity. Donations that are a minimum of five dollars will receive a button for their mum or garter.

“The whole point of the shrink your mum campaign this year is to put the money one would spend on a regular mum to a better and bigger cause that’s greater than any of us,” commented 2017 Senior Class President Kenzie Magee. “Students can still be involved with the school and the homecoming festivities this way.”

The campaign was first introduced to Timber Creek last year by 2016 Senior Class President Addie Whitaker.

“I wanted to bring the campaign Addie Whitaker started last year because I believe that while mums are a Texas tradition, money could be spent on something more impactful in our community,” commented Student Body President, Dillon Fontaine. “Also, not everybody can afford to pay an expensive mum so giving people the opportunity to donate a more affordable amount amount and receive a button in its place is a great alternative.”

“Ultimately, while it’s a cherished tradition, I believe the money could be used on a greater cause,” Fontaine said. “There’s nothing wrong if one decides to make a mum. Do what makes you happy. They’re just not for everyone.”