DeLana Barsanti continues the tradition that she says she, “wouldn’t trade for the world,” by making mums for some very special students.

The project is sponsored by the Parent Teacher Student Association and seeks donations from students on campus and from businesses in order to make mums and garters for the special needs program.

“It’s priceless to see their faces, the excitement and joy, something that they don’t get every day,”said Barsanti. “Some of these kids don’t get to go to the homecoming game, some of these kids don’t even get to make it to pep rally. So this just gives them a tastes of the excitement on campus. For me it’s a just a wonderful experience.”

The PTSA started the tradition last year by giving over 40 mums and garters to the students. Read more about last year’s event here: Timber Creek Mother Provides 40 Mums, Garters for Students

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By Caroline Oliphint

Caroline is a student Talon reporter and Editor in Chief. She is actively involved in school and slightly lives in fear of driving a vehicle.