Popcorn and Bahama Bucks (Where the Money Goes)

Every Wednesday during lunch, the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) sells popcorn and snow cones. Students share their popcorn with their friends (or maybe not) and satisfy their sweet tooth with sugary snow cones. Where does the money go?

“We save the money for scholarships,” says PTSA member Dalana Barsanti. “Last year we gave out 15 scholarships at $500 each.”

To qualify, a senior has to be a member of the PTSA which only costs $10 to join. Students have to fill out an application located in the front office.

The scholarships awarded to students are based on financial need and volunteering hours.

Elizabeth Shugert

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I'm a senior, and this is my first year on the Talon. Listening to rain fall while reading and writing is my favorite thing to do.

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