Parking, Passes and Problems, Oh My


Recently there has been a major out roar among the students at Timber Creek about the parking restrictions and more frequent ‘booting’ that’s been enforced. However, the process to perfect the parking system is long and strenuous.

“We are working on a plan to make parking out here more efficient, it’s just a matter of time and a process,” said Timber Creek Security Guard Kendra Weithorn.

The grace period is now over for students without the valid parking tag. To remove the boot it costs an additional  $25 , to buying the $50.00 parking pass for the whole year itself. The district requires every year for students to have the current valid parking tag.

“If they have an old one, that’s the same as not having one at all and you’re just as suspicious,” said Weithorn.

Visitors are monitored as well in the parking lot. Visitors are to park in the visitor spaces and substitute teachers are issued a special hang tag so those monitoring the lot know if they park in a different spot because they are unfamiliar with the spaces, they will not be subject to a boot. Each school has a different hang tag that is issued out to substitute teachers.

“We’re patrolling the lot and we see somebody that we don’t really recognize get into a vehicle and it happens to have a student parking tag or a faculty parking tag then we can pretty much rule out that they belong here they may not look recognizable but from then it’s more familiar. But if they were gonna get into a vehicle that didn’t have anything we would think of it suspicious and kinda look at camera footage and see what they were doing,” Weithorn commented.

Weithorn explains that every year students are required to have a new parking pass, to keep out people who have no business here as well as identify those who are supposed to be here. Unlike the general parking stickers, the seniors actually pay $75.00 for their spot. If the hang tag does not match the spot, they are booted.

“Those are our priority spots,” comments Weithorn.

The price is reduced for students who’s parents works in Keller ISD. Instead of the price being $50.00 for a general parking tag, it will then be $25.00.

“The parking is all the same for everybody,” said Weithorn, “The faculty park in the faculty lot, the seniors that have the reserved falcon hang tag with the painted spot park in the senior lot and general parking, anybody can park there as long as you have your valid hang tag, it makes it a lot  easier and a lot more efficient for us to know exactly who is parking where.”