Online Professional Communications Coming This Fall to KISD


Starting this fall, Keller ISD will now be offering fall and spring semester online classes for Professional Communications Courses.

Fall sessions begin October 10 to January 6, and spring courses begin January 30 and end on April 13. Classes cost $100 at registration, and seating is limited.

Students who have not taken a professional communications class yet during their high school career plan are eligible to take these online classes.

These online classes have been introduced as a way for students to complete graduation requirements while also keeping their schedules flexible. Students may take these courses at home, or anywhere with internet access. The online course offers a fast-paced and accelerated version of the school taught class.

Students coming into high school from junior high school’s cannot take the online session during middle school, but are capable of taking this class during the summer before starting high school.

Registration is open September 15. All registrations and fees must be completed one week prior to the start date for classes. All fees
are non-refundable.

Register on the KISD Web Store

Click here for a complete flyer with this information.

Contact information for the Learning Coordinator Elaine Plybon is listed below.

Elaine Plybon