Often students go into the new school year filled with anticipation and expectations pertaining to homecoming week. However, most give little to no thought into the actual preparations that Timber Creek Student Council, Cheer and other organizations go through while trying to create an unforgettable experience for each student.

Starting Sept. 12 with the homecoming parade and ending the following Saturday with the dance, homecoming week centered solely upon the students and their accomplishments as a body, acting as a celebration of each and every student’s high school achievements.

We started planning early in the summer all the way through a couple weeks before,” said Dillon Fontaine, Timber Creek Student Body President. “We spent numerous hours working on all homecoming festivities. Kaity Rainwater, our student body treasurer, did an amazing job coordinating all of our decorations and I could never be more proud of her.”

Both organizations worked alongside one another to devise an ideal homecoming for the students, from creating posters, deciding spirit week themes, to organizing the parade and embodying the spirit behind that Thursday’s pep rally.

“Cheer carried a huge load this year. They are the ones in charge of our homecoming dance and they did a great job, especially Coach Fickle. This is her first year being the head cheer coach and she’s doing fantastic,” said Fontaine. “I am incredibly proud of our council. Their efforts compared to recent years are unmatched. I honestly believe that this year we have the best student council in Timber Creek history.”

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By Samantha Sandusky

Senior at Timber Creek.