Hats Off to Half Time Performers

The halftime shows during football season shows off the talents of Timber Creek’s band and Sky Dancers. One of those talents including keeping their hats on for the whole performance.

With all the formation changes and leaps, it’s hard to keep those hats on for the Sky Dancers. The SD’s hats are held on by a leather strap around their chins.

“Before we get off the bus, the officers go around pulling the straps as tight as possible and double knotting them over each Sky Dancer’s right ear. It’s uncomfortable but every Sky Dancer would rather smile and bear through the pain than have their hat fall off during the game,” Lieutenant Kaylin Peters explained.

Band’s intricate marching and instrument dancing with the plumes on their hats, marching on the field can be a difficult feat.

“Our hat is called a Shako and there is a plastic band around our chins. It has clips but we don’t unclip them for every game, we have an initial ‘fitting’ and then we just slide it on from that point on,” Emily Cagle, senior mellophone player, said.

All the Sky Dancers wear hats, but not all the band members do.

“The sousaphone is fairly large and wraps around our body so we can’t wear hats,”Jesús Avalos, junior sousaphone player, commented. “The hats add pizzaz to our performance which makes it so much more exciting than it already is.”



Ashley Nagel

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Ashley Nagel is attending Texas A&M University in Fall 2017 to study psychology and journalism. She would like to thank Greg Janda and the amazing Talon staff for her experiences from the last two years.