Germany, Italy, Switzerland: Travelling the World with Timber Creek


A few years back, Timber Creek High School began using Education First Tours, EF Tours, to allow students to travel the world and dive into different cultures. Many students have gone to places like France, Italy, and Spain, and this upcoming spring break, Mrs. Ashcraft, an AP Psychology teacher, is hosting a ten-day trip around three countries: Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

A dedicated teacher, Ashcraft enjoys building the minds of the upcoming generation. Doing so, using EF Tours has been an effective way of helping students learn, and creating a lifetime experience that they will never forget.

“Traveling provides students with the opportunity to experience what they’ve learned in a classroom first hand,” Ashcraft says, “Nothing beats being immersed in the history and culture one studies in texts. We get to see and touch pieces of history! I love watching my students try new foods and music and really allow themselves to be a part of the culture.”

When being asked about the educational benefits, Ashcraft becomes even more excited. “As a teacher, my goal has always been to create life-long learners and I feel traveling does this in a way that the classroom can’t. Kids step out of their comfort zones and learn so much about the world and, in turn, themselves. The students who have traveled with us are forever changed in their view of the world and their passion for experiencing it. I’m just lucky enough to get to be a part of it.”

So, travelling is a big deal. And for those who are used to travelling, whether it be nationally or internationally, it’s easy to agree with the fact that travelling changes a persons’ insight on the people around them, and the world that they live in. Mrs. Ashcraft sees this, and is eagerly taking up an opportunity to help students learn about the castles of Germany, experience the sweet Swiss culture, and experience what real Italian food tastes like.

Likewise, Ashcraft says that there are a few spots left, and she strongly encourages anyone interested to register before Sept 30 – after this date, prices increase. EF Tours makes it easy to pay for the trip because they have the whole itinerary planned out – hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions – parents will feel safe with their children travelling though this program.

For those interested in viewing the inclusive itinerary or registering, visit Ashcraft will hang up flyers in front of her room, C211, too. “The more the merrier!!” she beams.