Dress Up Days for Homecoming Week


Homecoming dress up day ideas are hard to come up with so here are a few:

On Monday Sept. 12, the theme is ‘Let’s Go Fishing’. An outfit idea would be to wear a fly-fishing shirt matched with a fish hat or even your fish camp shirt.

On Tuesday Sept. 13, the theme is ‘Gotta Clue What You Want to Do’. An outfit idea would be dress like what you wanna be when you grow up. If you don’t know what your future will hold, wear a question mark or find your best detectives outfit.

On Wednesday Sept. 14, the theme is ‘Battle of the Classes’.  Wear your class color for a t-shirt and appropriate pants. Freshmen wear white, sophomores wear black, juniors wear gold, seniors wear purple and staff wear grey.

On Thursday Sept. 15, the theme is ‘Game Day’. Wear your mum or garter with the homecoming shirt or/and school shirt. The night, make sure to show your support for Falcon Football by going to the game!

On Friday Sept. 16, it’s group matching day. Get together with some of your friends and go as your favorite band members or movie characters.


Caroline Epperson

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